You can check opening times and maps of Venue in timetables & maps.


Situated in the “Hall” outside the Arena, this is where we’ll exchange your tickets for your wristbands. You’ll also find here a Help Desk to deal with any problems relating to tickets, passes and wristbands. If you have any problems at all go to this area and we’ll be able to help you.

Opening time coming soon.

This tent is found in the “Hall” area outside the Arena and you’ll have to come here to get your wristband if you’re ticket is a press, VIP or guest pass.

Opening time coming soon.

This is found in the “Hall” area outside the Arena and you’ll be able to buy tickets here if you haven’t in advance.

Opening time coming soon.

This is the Festival’s official shop. Here you’ll be able to buy Official Festival and Artist' merchandise.

There are two points of sale on site:

  • A small one in the Hall area outside the gates to the Arena which sells Official Festival merchandise.
    Opening Times: Monday 11th to Sunday 17th July from 12:00h to 20:00h / Monday 18th July from 09:00h to 18:00h.
  • The main shop is situated inside the Arena next to rest area where you’ll find Festival and artists’ merchandise.
    Opening Times: Thusday from 18:00h to 03:30h, Friday to Sunday from 17:30h to 05:00h

This is the Festival’s Main stage where the headliners will be playing.

Capacity: 30.000 pax

Running times: To be confirmed

Location: south area

Type of stage: open air

Capacity: 15.000 pax

Running times: To be confirmed

Location: north-west area

Type of stage: open air

Capacity: 8.000 pax

Running times: To be confirmed

Location: north-west area

Type of stage: open air

If you´ve bought a VIP Pass, you´ll have access to:

  • VIP Zone: There are bars, food stalls, various areas to take a moment to relax, chat, have a drink whilst keeping an eye on the plasma screens so you can still follow what's going on across the stages.
  • VIP Seating: You'll be able to sit and watch concerts with a privileged view from the grandstand seating situated to the side of the Las Palmas stage.
  • VIP Parking: You´ll be able to park in the VIP Parking Zone right next to the VIP entrance. Don´t forget you´ll need your car details when you go to get your wristband so make a note of them or take a photo of your number plate.

Remember we collaborate with Save the Children who will be providing stewards for the car parking, please feel free to give them a donation.

VIP PARKING will be open the same days as the Arena and will open one hour before doors.

Please remember if your car causes an obstruction it may be removed and the organisers aren´t responsible for either the car or it contents when parked so please take all your valuables with you.

Located next to the path leading from the entrance to the Festival, this is the area where you’ll find all our stalls selling clothes and accessories, sunglasses, bags, backpacks, hats, tattoos and more...come down and see what we have this year!

There are several rest areas that allow you to sit and take a break between shows, maybe have a bite to eat or just relax a little. The largest of all is located right in the centre of the Arena site.


The Parking area is just a few metres from the Arena. Look at the map to see it’s exact location. It has a limited space so we give access on a first come, first served basis until it’s full.

There’ll be a bunch of people to show you where to park. These people are from Save the Children with whom we collaborate. The price of a parking ticket (voluntary donation) is €3 and goes entirely to Save the Children and their campaigns.

The opening days of the public parking area are the same as those of the Arena. It’ll open one hour before gates.

Careful! If your car is causing an obstruction or getting in the way, we reserve the right to remove the vehicle.

The Organization is NOT responsible for vehicles or vehicles’ contents in the Festival parking zones. Vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

At our Info Points you can find help for any questions or situations that arise during your stay at the Festival.

Go here timetables & maps to find their locations :

  • Villacamp
  • "Hall" area by main entrance
  • Inside the Arena

Don’t hesitate to come to us, we are there to help you.

Opening hours for each Info Point (coming soon).

In the Arena we have strategically positioned medical points as well medics situated in the pits of the main stages to deal with whatever may arise. Locate them in advance in timetables & maps.

If you or anyone you see has an urgent problem and you’re not sure where to find your nearest medical point, don’t waste any time and ask for help from your nearest member of security. They’ll take charge of locating them quickly and taking you there if necessary.

If you need to keep medicines refrigerated, you can do so at the medical points in the rest area in the Arena or in the campsites. Bring the documentation from your doctor with you and ask your doctor if you have any doubts about your needs.

For our part we recommend that you:

  • Do NOT bring any valuables that may be lost to the Festival or the campsites.
  • Use the locker service provided and put away everything you think is important (plane tickets, passport, bus tickets, etc).
  • Always carry a photocopy of your passport or ID and leave the original in your locker.
  • If you find any lost property, please take it to your closest Information Point.
  • If you have lost anything please go to the Lost Property Office , located in the "Hall" area outside the Arena entrance.

Timetables coming soon.

One of our main objectives at FIB is that you enjoy your time with us and you can do so in a safe environment.

That’s why we have an easily identifiable and professional team charged with ensuring security for all.

Don’t hesitate in going to them whatever help you require.

Our gastronomic offerings cover all tastes and you can find vegetarian options, eco-friendly options, traditional fare, burgers, pizzas, Thai food, Mexican, BBQs, creperies etc.

If you have any special dietary needs check this section.

There is a fountain with drinking water in the passage from the Arena entrance, on the left. Find it on the map so you can keep hydrated during your time in the Arena.

In the Arena there are numerous toilet areas. Take a second to locate them on the map so when you need them , you’ll know where your closest is.

Also there are disabled toilets, situated close to the disabled viewing stands at the two main stages. If you have any doubts ask the person looking after the access to the stands.

Coming soon.

For any queries please contact us

Book your locker for 7 days (10th-17th July):

LOCKER PRICE (Until 15th May) PRICE (From 16th May to 8th July) DEPOSIT
SMALL26 x 24 x 31 (cm) 20 € 25 € +10 €
MEDIUM28 x 30 x 36 (cm) 25 € 30 € +10 €
LARGE42 x 30 x 36 (cm) 30 € 35 € +10 €
MAXI100 x 50 x 50 (cm)(Only 1 package) 40 € 45 € +0 €

Book your locker for 4 days (13th-17th July):

LOCKER PRICE (Until 15th May) PRICE (From 16th May to 8th July) DEPOSIT
SMALL26 x 24 x 31 (cm) 15 € 20 € +10 €
MEDIUM28 x 30 x 36 (cm) 20 € 25 € +10 €
LARGE42 x 30 x 36 (cm) 25 € 30 € +10 €
MAXI100 x 50 x 50 (cm)(Only 1 package) 35 € 42 € +0 €

Coming soon.

In the event of lost passports or any other incident you wish to report to the authorities, remember that they are set up in the hall area outsider the main gates to the Arena. Locate them on the map.



At Maraworld we’re conscious of the role of festivals, not only for their cultural and economic significance, but also the way they can benefit social change. The channels of communication and influence can be used to inform and provoke thought about a variety of social issues.

For this reason we’ve been collaborating for many years with various NGOs and non-profit making organisations. Amongst them we work with Save the Children every year to support their projects. Would you like to collaborate too?

Save the Children is the leading, independent organisation defending the rights of children across the world. They work to save lives in over 120 countries, providing security and protection to kids and defending the rights set out in the UN Conventions for Children’s Rights. In Spain they have been working for more than 20 years on programmes to care for the most vulnerable children , centered on infants at risk from poverty and social exclusion. Through their programmes in Spain they provide essential care to children and their families so that the economic situation they are in, or the problems with social exclusion that they face, don’t impede on their ability to benefit from their rights so that they can reach their maximum capacity.

Their last report stated that 1 in 3 children live in poverty or at risk of social exclusion in Spain. “2,826,549 reasons. The protection of children in the face of poverty : a right, an obligation and an investment."


We are conscious of the environmental impact that we generate as a macro-event and for this reason we roll out a number of programmes of specific action to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.


We collaborate with Ecoembres to ensure correct procedures for waste management.


In 2008 Maraworld began it’s project Fiberbosque to compensate for CO2 emissions at the Festival by planting native species (mulberries and others) in the campsites. Today, with more than 450 trees planted , Fiberbosque is a reality that helps to compensate for the emisions of the events staged in the area.


We encourage our attendees to use collective transport, shared journeys (be it in their own vehicle or through car-share platforms such as Blablacar) as well hiring bikes to get around during their stay.


Maraworld sources different consumables for the organisation and for the Festival services with a sustainability plan, using recycled and recyclable materials alongside Fair Trade products.


The Festival employs water-saving systems in all it’s installations in the Arena and on the campsites.